The gastrointestinal tract is of fundamental importance in orchestrating our body’s functions: it acts as a true “conductor,” selecting which substances from the environment we will assimilate.

The acid in our stomach is what permits it to carry out its physiological functions (such as digestion, defense against bacteria and external agents introduced with food, absorption of vitamin B12, etc.). But if gastric acid comes into contact with our mucous membranes it can damage them. This is why nature has provided appropriate defense mechanisms to protect the mucosae of the stomach and the esophagus. The balance between aggressive factors (acid secretions) required for our digestive system to function correctly and the defense mechanisms of the mucosae is a delicate one.

Acid Reflux, gastritis and digestive difficulties are signs that this delicate balance has been compromised.

Aboca has understood the importance of treating these problems in a different manner, to help the body protect itself without neutralizing the acid.

From Aboca research comes Neobianacid Heartburn and acid reflux, which acts to protect the mucosae of the stomach and the esophagus by creating a barrier for reinforcing the body’s physiological defense mechanisms.

Neobianacid Acidity and Acid refluxoffers a single solution to all the problems linked to acidity, rapidly soothing heartburn and pain and combating the sense of heaviness without altering the physiological functions of the stomach.

AbocaRead the warnings and the instructions for use carefully.

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